getting started with ultimate sms notifications for woocommerce

Want to add SMS to your WordPress/WooCommerce sites?

Start by downloading the Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce plugin.

Next, follow the step by step instructions below to get up and running quickly using Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce.

Ultimate SMS Notifications for WooCommerce Quickstart.

To get started with the plugin follow these steps.

a) Configure SMS API

The SMS API is a service offered by some IT companies for sending SMS over the Internet worldwide.
The most popular are: Twilio, Telesign, Textlocal, SendPulse
Twilio and Telesign are the one we are using in our plugin. You will need to get from your account API credentials in order to deliver SMS.
Here’s what your API credentials looks like in your account:

  • Twilio
  • Telesign

b) Setting up messages options

After setting up the SMS API, it’s time to choose the options you want to use in the plug-in. To inform you as well as your customer after an order, or when a product is unavailable are options you will find in the plugin. By enabling them, you are on the road to get your customer trust.

ultimate sms notifications options

c)  Bulk SMS

Now you can now send a message to one or more of your customers in one click. Before using it, make sure you have created a contact list in the plugin’s options, then let your customers benefit from coupon codes, upcoming promotion dates, etc…

ultimate sms notifications bulk sms for woocommerce

For more tips or questions feel free to browse our documentation, you can also reach us here